Could be an international award given for nothing? It’s really unlikely. A prize represents the acknowledgement of merits and Borovets was granted for a reason. The oldest Bulgarian winter resort was named for having one of the most prominent teachers in snowy sports. The second prize in the category of the best school for skiing and snowboarding for adults is a source of pride for Borovets but it’s also somewhat expected recognition coming from the happy vacationers. Actually, the British tourists have valued the Rila mountain schools so high that it starts to attract more and more people from the United Kingdom and from other parts of Europe.

While the type of activity that is being learned is not differentiated in other places, snowboarding in Borovets is separated from skiing in the price list. That was the tendency recently and it’s expected to stay that way for the season to come. Teaching to ride on two sticks could last for four hours a day, while the standard training for balance and other skills with two legs on one panel long two hours. Enrolling in snowboarding class in Borovets for one day costs 45 BGN (23 Euro) but what will you learn in one lesson? Training for almost a week makes more sense sports wise and is more advantageous too – the fee for a 6-days course inside an adult group is 160 BGN (little more than 80 Euro).

The kids are welcomed to learn on Rila mountain slopes

Snowboarding in Borovets, Bulgaria

As it is everywhere, the amount to be paid for children school of snowy sports is lower. 30 BGN (15 Euro) for a day, 120 BGN (61 Euro) for a week – isn’t it a wonderful opportunity for a boy or a girl to learn the basics and enjoy the magic of snowboarding in Borovets? The main agenda of the resort now and for the last few years is the focus on the kids being attracted to participate in the winter activity so a growing number of the local offspring is expected to be enthusiastic in the sports training, dreaming of being in the footsteps of Radoslav Yankov – a national pride in snowboarding and a World cup holder in parallel slalom.

Have in mind that the prices sited up in the article are valid for participation in a group containing at least five persons, adults or children. Any number from four down to one is considered individual training and it costs more. One hour alone with a teacher amounts to 49 BGN (25 Euro) and the prices vary depending on the tome and the size of the smaller group.

Enrolling a snowboarding school in Borovets probably means you are not equipped so you have the hire a board and a pair of special shoes. So add it to your budget – 25 BGN for a day, 133 BGN for a week for adults, smaller numbers for the kids. Calculating your budget is a vital step in the planning of winter vacation and before deciding for how long to enrol in skiing or snowboarding schools, you have to be clear of the exact time to be spent in the oldest winter resort of Bulgaria. Some of the best offers for a Borovets vacation are to be found here and don’t wait too much – many people have already booked a room and prepare themselves to enjoy the ride on the Rila mountain pistes.

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