Increasingly popular in the past few decades, night skiing spreads around the winter resorts in Europe and worldwide. In the face of Borovets Bulgaria has one of the best choices for snow sports activity after the sunset. One-third of the runs in the oldest recreational and sports area in the country stay open when it’s dark. Well, not all night, the fun starts at 18.00 and goes on until 21.30. The main venue is the zone known as Martinovi Baraki as well as Rila, Iglika, and Rotata – the latter ending up in the main resort near to the famous Hotel Rila.


Have in mind though that sometimes the weather conditions do not allow to ski at night and in case of such emergency you will be informed about it. It’s important to know also that the ski passes for the night are being sold separately from the regular cards. So obtaining a 6-day card in Borovets for an adult that costs 120 GBP do not include the slalom on LED lights and Hotel Rila is the place to purchase a night card with a fee less than 15 GBP required for a grown-up person and almost as half as much for a child. Even a ski-school is available in the hour span 18.00-21.30 but only on Fridays and Saturdays.


Regarding the night skiing in Borovets Bulgaria offers a good time to anyone who comes around for the winter holidays. Sports after sunset anyway represents only an addition to the full pack available on this website. It’s highly recommended to pre-book your stay with the ski-pack included and then it’s easy to buy a night pass on the spot.

Celebration in Bulgaria – Borovets is fun around the clock


Skiing is a wonderful but far from being the only option to spend a great time after the sunset in the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria. Described as “Magaluf-on-ice” by a British tourist in an article posted by Daily Star it seems like Borovets resonates with the mojo going on the Sunny Beach in the summer. Well, such statement was a bit exaggerated even if the crowd goes wild in and around some of the most popular nightclubs in the Rila mountain holidays village. The noise wouldn’t wake you up in the middle of the night if you have decided to sleep in the coziness of the hotel suite. The places for the night people in Borovets have been designed to avoid interference with the calm zone of the resort. The bars at Rila and Samokov hotels represent some of the greatest options for après-ski and the prices there turn out to be surprisingly affordable for the foreign guests.


Staying up until 4 AM isn’t fun for everyone. But even preferring the calmer manner of spending the winter holidays in Bulgaria, Borovets has a lot to offer. Enjoying the local cuisine while visiting the best restaurants in the area can be a real delight after a day of sweating on the slopes. The spectrum of things to be experienced and memorized is wide at the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria.





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